Moving to the frontier – Alaska in the summer!

by on May.03, 2012, under Family Updates, RV Living

No, not the final frontier – just the frontier.  We’re not moving to space, at least not yet.  But when humans begin sending out space colonies, I might opt to get off this planet filled with over 7,000,000,000 crazy people.

But for now, Alaska is incredibly exciting!  I’ll be working for a few months in Fairbanks, then we’ll get out of there before the extreme winter weather (-40 F) kicks in.  No plans yet where we’ll go from there, but I plan to take at least the month of November off to rest and relax.  And by rest and relax, I mean exercise like a maniac and do some cool shit!

I recently started my own company in order to save thousands in taxes.  As an independent contractor it’d be stupid of me not to do so.  Sure, the investigation was overwhelming initially, but it’s really just a matter of filling out some papers and paying the fees.  I spent <$1000 bucks and will probably save $10-30,000 in taxes next year alone.  Absolutely worth it.  Feel free to email me with any questions as I’m always willing to help others deal with the BS of life.  I am now the CEO of Atlantic Locum Group, LLC.  Pretty awesome.

As my remaining weeks in residency slowly tick away, I am busy preparing for our short trip home to Philadelphia next week and the big move in July.  It is hard to believe that I will actually move out of Chicago, but I truly can’t wait.  I am just not a city person anymore.

The family is wonderful!  The wife is more beautiful all the time.  Kids are growing faster, stronger, smarter all the time.  Violet is 5 months now going on 16.  Rain, 2.5 yrs, is the boss.  And Billy turns 4 on Monday.  He’s developing interests in everything that comes his way.  Lately it’s been space, volcanoes, superheroes, climbing, water guns, iPhone games (addictive, let’s keep that to a minimum), and his favorite – spending time with his best friend, Diego.

I think that about covers the basics.  I plan to blog more frequently as I transition out of residency.  We are already discussing the purchase of an RV for the weekends once we start getting paid in Alaska.  That will be truly amazing!  Can’t wait to get back in an RV!!!

Until next time, I’ll indulge myself with the following parting words…

“Let’s go, Flyers!” clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!

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  • Nathan

    Not sure which is more beautiful, your kids or that view of the mountains. I’m so jealous! Haven’t been to Alaska since I was a kid, but I can still recall it being the most gorgeous place this country has to offer. Maybe someday I’ll convince the family that we should point our ride north for a summer!

  • Nathan

    Hey one other thing, just a little aside, it’s kind of hard to see the “Leave comment” button or recognize that it’s the submit button, as (at least on Chrome anyway), it’s just white text.

    Not a criticism, just thought I’d mention it. I think your site looks really great!

    • fattslob

      THX for visiting! I’ll look into adjusting the WordPress theme I’m using… I appreciate the help! And you should definitely make it up north, at least into Canada…

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