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Music Now Available!

by on Oct.23, 2011, under Music Blogs

I made a major addition to the blog last night – I added all my recorded music and made it available for download! I am very excited! Please click here or the My Music link at the top of the page to access the mp3’s.

Whatever you like it or not, I hope you enjoying listening. Either way, it was fun as hell recording it!!!

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How to Start a Home Recording Studio – A guide based on what I did

by on Nov.05, 2010, under Music Blogs

This is basically an inventory list of what you will require. How to make it work is up to you. Read the instructions for each component you acquire. The following is the list of everything I use in my own ‘travel studio’ that I assembled on the RV.

My travel studio

I am very excited about this as I just completed my studio yesterday, with the purchase of a Tube Microphone Preamplifier. What on earth is that and why do I need it? HA HA! Don’t be overwhelmed. I thought the same thing! Read on and you will be able to complete your own home recording studio for $1230 or less, and you probably already have most of what’s required if you’re a musician.

LIST 1 – What I bought

  1. M-Audio Recording Studio – $100 at BestBuy.  This includes the software ProTools for your computer. 
  2. Mouse – $20 at WalMart.  It’s incredibly annoying to use the software with a laptop TouchPad.  If your computer is a desktop then you probably won’t need to incur this expense as I did. 
  3. MXL 990 Consender Microphone with Shockmount – $50 online at  A dynamic microphone is for performing livel.  A condenser mic is for studio. 
  4. ART Tube MP Studio Microphone Preamplifier – $30 at Guitar Center.  This provides power to the microphone.  It also amplifies the vocals and gives them a “tube” sound, which is really nice. 
  5. Microphone cable – $15 online at  I think it’s 10 or 15 feet long.  That doesn’t matter to me as I record in tight quarters. 
  6. TOTAL = $215. 

ProTools software was included with M-Audio

LIST 2 – What I already own

  1. Sony headphones – $20.  They’re basic but do the job solidly.  Any headphones will probably do fine. 
  2. Toshiba laptop – $750 at BestBuy (I think).  Pretty much any computer that isn’t old will work for this.  You probably already have a computer. 
  3. Peavey electric guitar – $50 – bought it used from a friend years ago.  It would cost around $150 new if you needed to go out and buy this. 
  4. guitar cable – $10 at Guitar Center. 
  5. TOTAL = $930.  If you buy a cheaper computer, like a desktop, you could cut this cost down buy half. 

MXL 990 Condenser microphone with shockmount

LIST 3 – What I must purchase

  1. Microphone stand, destop tripod style – $10 online at  To properly care for the microphone and in order to play other instruments into the mic (like harmonica, horns, piano, acoustic guitar, etc.).
  2. Pop filter – $6 online at  Apparently this is very important to keep the p’s from popping and the s’s from hissing.  It also protects the microphone from moisture damage from flying spit when singing. 
  3. Tunecore album submission – $70 if I make it available on a bunch of websites like iTunes, Amazon mp3.  I released one single at Tunecore for $10, but an album is more cost-effective.  I haven’t spent this yet but will have to if I want to get any return on my investment. 
  4. TOTAL = $86

ART Tube MP Microphone Preamplifier

LIST 4 – What I want but don’t have or need

  1. MIDI controller – $50 or less.  This enables my computer to connect to a MIDI recorder.
  2. MIDI recorder – $180 at Guitar Center and online.  This allows me to play a keyboard which I can make sound like any instrument.  It also has drum pads to tap out rhythms. 
  3. TOTAL = $230 or less. 

M-Audio Recording Studio


  • $1231 – is the TOTAL required to own my exact recording studio if you bought the guitar new, including the items I still require (List 3). 
  • $301 – If you already have an instrument with its cable and a computer with a mouse, then your total costs will likely run more around this amount.  If you have headphones it’ll be only $281.
  • $1461 – is how much the total package would be if I get the MIDI stuff.  I think I’ll do that later on, after I release a first album.  How incredible to have the whole setup for under $1500 bucks new!

I had this pick for many years, but it broke in my first session.


Feel free to contact me and ask any questions.  This type of list is probably best for beginners and for people looking to buy a complete home recording studio package for someone as a gift.  Tax and shipping might add a few extra dollars.

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How to Make Money Writing Songs – the important tips

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Music Blogs

Sioux Falls is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA.

There has been a city by these waterfalls for over 12,000 years. Many Native American cultures came and went and now we have our western society firmly (so it seems) established here. I don’t know why I like this city so much, but I do.

So, about making money from songwriting. I still need some equipment to complete my travel studio. That alone could be an article! I have had to learn so much just to get this project going.

Making money however, is all about getting your songs published and sold, regardless of who actually records or produces the music. This involves me “selling” my songs to publishers, which first requires a demo, which requires a home recording studio…

To effectively sell a song it needs to be perfect. Not just some average demo. Even a great song will be ignored if it isn’t perfect. By perfect, I mean very perfect.  Radio-worthy, to say the least. The song should sound like it could go on the air right now and fit right in without any touch ups. Only those songs will even be seriously heard by the publishers. Just imagine how much music they receive! And how much of it is terrible!

Which brings me to the next point.  NEVER send a demo to a publisher without first making contact with someone there who wants to receive your package.  Publishers typically have a no soliciting policy for liability reasons.  So always contact someone and they will instruct you on how to send in your package. 

The package should contain the demo songs.  2 or 3.  Not more.  It should look fantastic and lyric sheets should be included.  A short cover letter should go with it as well.  Maybe suggesting which artist could use the song. 

I didn’t realize this before but the system goes something like this.  I need to investigate which stars are recording a new albums soon.  I then need to contact their publishers and hopefully get permission to send them my demos.  I will need to write and record songs for each specific artist.  If the person thinks a song is worthwhile, he’ll offer the song to the artist directly and a decision can be made about using my song. 

Well, that’s what I have learned in my research.  I have spared everyone the details about music recording contracts and royalties, which are topics covered everywhere else when you look into this subject.  Basically, as the writer of the song, I will earn anywhere from 7-12 cents each time the song is performed (live performance, radio, movie, commercial, etc.) and also each time the song is purchased.  The exact rate is set by a committee appointed by the president and changes.  (That’s my understanding of it.) 

I hope this has been entertaining and even useful.  I hope to record some music soon and maybe I’ll get someone to record something I write.  That would be pretty nice.  If not, I can always keep self-publishing and maybe I’ll be not only the songwriter but the performing artist too.

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by on Oct.19, 2010, under Music Blogs

I’ve released my first single! Although recorded a while ago, LS Cat is finally available to the masses. The song was written and recorded by Matt Barrett and was produced by Nick Bishop. This is so exciting to have my first ever release. More to come…

– fattslob, 2 t’s.

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New Music – “Go Away”

by on Sep.30, 2010, under Music Blogs

Here is the song you’ve all been waiting for!!!

Go Away

I wrote this song for today. I hope it gets stuck in your head and you scream to get it to go away! I had trouble getting everything in order. I couldn’t find the microphone, then the recording software wasn’t on this computer, then I didn’t have an Internet connection to upload it all day… but here it is, at long last. I’m sure I’ve got tons of followers just waiting by the edge of their seats for this release!

I hope you enjoy. Please read the disclaimer on the Music page. If you want to own the song my family and I would appreciate if you paid something for it. Payment can be made through PalPal using my email address:

Update: We are still in eastern Pennsylvania, loving this on-the-road lifestyle, although we really miss Bridget the Cat.

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